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• This hand tool was designed to install any rivet nut ranging in size from M4-M10 , and is ideal for small production work andprototyping.

• Very cheap hand tools.

  • SHT Part Number
    Thread Size Part Number
    M4 SHT-1-M4
    M5 SHT-1-M5
    M6 SHT-1-M6
    M8 SHT-1-M8
    M10 SHT-1-M10
    Instructions for use
    23-SHT-Instructions for use1
    1. Use a socket hex head screw to set up a bearing set, with bearing plate configuration as shown

    23-SHT-Instructions for use2
    2. Install the bearing set and screw onto the hole of the wrench

    23-SHT-Instructions for use3
    3. Screw the rivet nut onto the setup, until tight.

    23-SHT-Instructions for use4
    4. Insert hex key into the head of the screw and start to install the part.

    23-SHT-Instructions for use5
    5. To begin, rotate between 90 – 180 degrees

    23-SHT-Instructions for use6
    6. For one rotation, the closing angle between the hex key and wrench is approximately 20 – 30 degrees. Repeat the action, rotate between 90 – 180 degrees each time

    23-SHT-Instructions for use7
    7. Before installation

    23-SHT-Instructions for use8
    8. As installation complete, there will be an obvious increase in the installation torque. Begin to recede the screw.
    (The number of turns for installation depends on the panel thickness of the material, normally ranging from 1 – 4 turns. The thinner the material, the more turns required.)