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Company History

2005 Sherex Taiwan opened in Taoyuan, Taiwan as a joint venture of Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC located in Buffalo, New York. Main product line. Brass Inserts/Inserts.
2006 Sherex Taiwan achieves ISO 9001:2000 certification
2007 Sherex Taiwan receives ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification
2008 Sherex Taiwan lunches Riv-Float® First patented product lunch and the world’s first floating rivet nut patent. Very positive feedback from fastener industry and OEMs.
2009 Allows Sherex Taiwan to continue to expand upon the value it brings to its customers by becoming a systems provider
  Sherex Taiwan begins manufacturing clinch nuts
  Sherex Taiwan evaluates other captive nut and stud technologies and lunches first multi-thread u-nut p/n into automotive
  Formalizes Strategic Alliance with MDS Fastening Systems to form The Automatic Fastener Assembly System Group
2011 Revenue growth of 30%, annual turnover exceeded 5 million US dollars
2012 Sherex Taiwan established facility two, establishment of In-Die Nut Plate/Stud Plate and Insert stud automatic assembly production line
2013 Sherex Taiwan receives ISO-14001: 2004 certification
2014 Annual turnover exceeded 10 million US dollars
2015 Sherex Taiwan established facility three, improvement on automatic feeding system of tapping, factory ventilation system and employee’s working environment
2017 Sherex Taiwan obtained ISO17025: 2005 Laboratory certification