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Company Overview

Sherex Taiwan Corporation, established in 2005 by Dr. Alex Hsiao, has a strong, well equipped and professional fastener R&D team. We manufacture products for the Automotive, Green Energy, Aerospace, Heavy Truck, Defense and General Industry markets. Sherex Taiwan Corporation is TS16949, ISO14001 and ISA17025 certified.

Our main products are standard and customized automotive fasteners including rivet nuts, clinch nuts, brass inserts and other new patented products including the world’s first floating rivet nut (Riv-Float). Our Riv-Float nut has been successfully used in Tier 1 applications including Boeing commercial airlines’ interior parts. We have also developed high strength rivet nuts for the American Trucking industry.

In 2009, Sherex forged an alliance with MDS-Germany, combining Taiwan’s fastener manufacturing capabilities with advanced Western automated installation systems, evolving the company from a traditional manufacturing company to a fastener installation system design and manufacturing company, providing a complete solution to our customers.

Sherex Taiwan is committed to upholding the value of creating the best brand of customer products. Our company is focused on functional product design, and is committed to providing high quality products, making us a prominent consumer option and stable quality brand.

Company Vision and Mission
  1. Company Vision:
    • Become the biggest rivet nut supplier and recognized technological leader in Asia.
  2. Company Mission:
    • To create low cost, convenient fastener systems through innovative design.
    • Connect employees, the company and the world to harness overall growth and happiness.

Company Overview