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Philosophy and Policies

Business Philosophy
  • Professional: First class technology, Customer satisfaction
  • Harmony: mutual care, teamwork
  • Leadership: exceeding expectations, product innovation
  • Dedication: value creation, loyalty and responsibility

Quality Policy
  • Sherex Taiwan Corporation will strive to meet and even exceed customer product and service quality requirements.
  • We will provide all the information, training, tools and support needed by our employees to ensure that everyone can achieve the company’s quality objectives.
  • We will employ principles of integrity towards all customers, employees and suppliers.

Environmental Policy
  • Regulations Compliance: to obey requests of related environmental laws, to protect customers' products, environment, management and material requirements.
  • Prevention of Pollution: to prevent any damage caused by pollution by carrying out a periodic review and a continuous improvement on our environmental policies, objectives and targets in order to create a sustainable environmental management system that meets organizational nature and scale.
  • Energy Conservancy and Waste Reduction: to conserve energy so to reduce its depletion or waste and reduce pollution and its impact to the environment.
  • Environmental Protection: to strengthen communication and to advocate environmental policies, to prevent any harmful causing by pollution, to pay efforts on protection of nature and its environment, to implement management systems so to reduce adverse effects on the ecosystem.